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Welcome to Holly Ridge Web Design.  We create websites for small and medium sized businesses.  For less than $13 a month, you can have your own website.  Most people could never imagine how inexpensive it is to actually have a live website.  Every small business should have a website.  Have you ever made a brochure and tried to fit all the information including pictures on one piece of paper?  Multiple web pages allow you to present more information in an organized setting. Once you have a website, changes and updates can be made easily. 
Any business that is not on the internet is missing out of the rewards of this industry, they might be overseen or forgotten.
Our slogan is "Is your e-mail address promoting your business?" By
having your own website, your website name is used in your email
address yourname@yourcompanyname.com.  

It's a fact that people can actually remember a website name easier

than they can remember a phone number!  What are you using to

advertise your business?  Once you decide that Holly Ridge Web

Design is the company you trust to build your on-line presence, your

website can be live in as little as 6 hours from the initial setup of the

account. We offer flexible hours to work with you to build your website.

We currently have over 60 businesses who have put their trust in

hands.  Join the other small business owners in the Pittsburgh area who see the value of Holly Ridge Web Design services.  We have become an outstanding avenue to the small business owners who want affordable websites.  Please browse our website and contact us to get started!